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The enchanting world of a beloved TikTok influencer renowned for her heartwarming and adorable cat videos. 

About Pearl

“Pearl’s Ragdolls was born out of my love for the Ragdoll breed.”

As a little girl, I grew up surrounded by adorable little kittens. When I was younger, my family bred cats for people wanting to adopt a pet kitten. This sparked my interest in watching kittens as they grow and mature until they are ready to go home to their new family. When I got older, I decided I wanted to get my own cat and chose to adopt a Ragdoll and a Minuet Longhair. After adopting my first Ragdoll kitten, I instantly fell in love with the sweet nature and fun personality of the Ragdoll breed. My adorable Ragdoll cats follow me from room to room frequently wanting to cuddle or play. After falling in love with the Ragdoll breed, I decided to start my own cattery, Pearl’s Ragdolls. Pearl’s Ragdolls is a small cageless cattery located in Fort Worth, Texas. At Pearl’s Ragdolls, I selectively breed Ragdolls only in traditional standard colors. My goal is to produce beautiful, well tempered kittens according to the Ragdoll breed standard. All my kittens and cats are healthy and free of all diseases.

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How do you adopt a kitten?

At Pearl’s Ragdolls, you must submit a kitten application to be considered for adoption. New kitten applications open once a litter has been born. To apply for one of my kittens you must subscribe to my mailing list.

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