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When you purchase a kitten from Pearl’s Ragdolls, you will receive a Royal Canin Kitten starter kit. This kit includes food samples, coupons, and other useful information. I have listed some of the food I feed my kittens below.

Cats love to have running water to drink from rather than a bowl of sitting water. Having a filtered drinking fountain will improve your cat’s health, because it encourages cat to drink water more often. I suggest buying a cat filtered drinking fountain from Amazon as well as some of these other kitten essentials.


Regular grooming is important to keep your Ragdoll healthy and looking their best. Here are some of the grooming supplies I use to wash, dry, and groom my cats.


Kittens love toys! They love anything they can chase such as cat toy balls or fake mice. You can never have too many toys, because many will eventually end up under the couch.

I do not suggest laser play. People typically play with cats using laser pointers in a way that frustrates and teases cats. Laser players usually point and dance the beams randomly on the floors and walls for their cats to chase. Certain of a successful catch, they pounce only to find there is nothing under their paws. The bright red dot disappears, or it lingers on the wall or settles for an instant on a paw. Cats are left frustrated, without the opportunity to feel the tactile sensation of their hard-earned prey. Felines need to have the satisfaction of the hunt — to catch and feel their prey beneath their paws. Lasers are really only amusing to the humans and not the cats.

There are many other ways to play with your cat. Here are some great toys that my kittens love.


Kittens like to be very active. I highly recommend some kind of cat tree to give your kitten the opportunity to jump and climb furniture. Kittens will also need a cat bed to sleep on after they tire from playing with their toys and cat trees. Amazon has tons to choose from. 

I also suggest buying a nice scratching post or board. There are many different types you can try to see what your kitten likes best. If your kitten starts to claw at furniture, try placing the scratching post in front of where they are trying to claw. Here are a few different cat trees and scratchers I suggest trying.


I suggest buying a carrier to pick up your kitten and safely transport your kitten to and from the vet. Here are some examples of great carries you can order from Amazon. If you chose to have your kitten shipped to you, then your kitten will arrive already in a carrier that is yours to keep.


Ragdolls are some of the most beautiful cats. If you love to take pictures of your cats or kittens, you’ll need some cute accessories to dress your new Ragdoll in. Here are some nice collars and clothes available on Amazon. 

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